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Amari - centrepiece of the ONYX hospitality group

Amari is the centerpiece of the ONYX portfolio of hospitality brands reflecting the warmth and energy of an evolving modern Asia.

The name Amari was first introduced in 1992, but the brand was revitalized in 2009. Currently 14 Amaris are operating: 8 in Thailand, 3 in Malaysia one in Laos, one in Bangladesh and one on the Maldives.

More Amari hotels are planned in Thailand as well as in other countries.

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All 14 Amari properties bring to life a spectrum of multifarious experiences: From luxurious island holidays, family beach getaways, rustic mountain adventures and vibrant urban, perfect for business or leisure travelers. Free Wi-Fi access is available at all properties.

Amari is proud of their Asian roots and knowledge of hospitality gained over the last five decades. High standards, natural elegance and exceptional service set Amari apart.

From the pounding beat of a Bangkok city street, to the gentle hush of a secluded island beach, experience all of the beauty and wonder of Thailand and Asia with Amari.

Amari prides itself on its Asian roots and over 4 decades of hotel experience. High standards, natural elegance and reliable service make Amari what it is. From the lively pace of the streets of Bangkok to the gentle silence of a secluded beach, experience the beauty and uniqueness of Thailand with Amari!